Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birth Circle to Blog Circle

Here in Charlottesville I facilitate a support group for pregnant women. This group meets to share personal experiences in the childbearing years. The average American woman knows very little about pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum until she experiences it first hand. This Birth Circle helps to provide that woman-to-woman support and education our culture has lost. There is no one way to become a mother and all experiences are fascinating and valuable to the women who attend. I learn something every time.

It is in this vein that I hope my blog can become a sort of circle for women to share their life experiences. Because I am still in my childbearing years and because I have recently become interested in revitalizing the feminist movement (to give mothers the confidence they need to work or not to work) my blog will kick off with those themes.

As I gather reader input, I hope to hear from women in ALL life stages. I want to learn what their concerns are right now and what they wish they had known 5+ years prior to this concern. Dating After College? Quitting Your First Job? How Do I Know He Is The One? When Should I Have My First Baby Given XYZ? Going Back to Work? Menopause? Widowhood? I hope to create dialogue that brings women together for a change. Lately I have been a witness to factions I feel only damage what we can do if we can share some common interests.

Women's Health, Americans Respecting Women, Mothers Respecting Mothers (vs. The Mommy Wars? please), Childless Women Respecting Mothers Respecting Childless Women....these are not partisan issues in my book.

I can name so many groups that focus on a specific issue facing women today. I would love people from all walks to share what they think other women need to know or might like to hear. Let's compile it all and then figure out what to do with it later!

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Stella Blue said...

I have had two life experiences that cause me tremendous anxiety about staying home full time. First and foremost watching my dad's fall from employment at the age of 55 and inability to provide causing my 53 year old mother to enter the work force after staying at home for years to cover insurance, etc. caused a sacrifice to her adult children and grandchildren. This caused her to be detached from us as adults and away from her grandchildren. 12 years later, she was finally ready to retire but then headed straight into caregiving for her elderly parents.
This means grand total, I've done without really have any sort of relationship or care from my mother since I was 17 years old. This has made me more interested in working during my younger years than into my 50's. Secondly, in the last 4 months my husband by no fault of his own lost his job and we've been lucky to depend on my salary and my insurance benefits. Each of these experiences combined with my family friendly job as a school counselor will probably keep me in the work force full time. Security, taking care of my family and being connected to the part of my job I feel socially responsible to do will influence my decision when it comes time. I'm also lucky enough to have saved enough days allowing me to take a good amount of time off when I do start a family.
Long term, I want to be there for my children when they are young, in school and adults. I'd like to be free and retired by my mid 50's so I can come to my children as needed. Such a tall order, at times, but I love that this blog encourages suggestions, examples and dialogue.