Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cville Women's Blog

Anybody interested in blogging about Women's Issues in a collaborative way? I am amazed how much good discussion has come out of the Newton's Laws post. I have been dreaming of having some Women's Conference take over Charlottesville, just like the Festival of the Book. Maybe what we need to start with is an "online conference." What I like about this is that it would have many many team members with some sort of common goal like "education and outreach about women's issues." Women's issues are also men's issues, of course, but my goal would be to get a representative from almost every non-profit and women's focus area to contribute here and there. Sort of a PNOC but about and for women in all life stages. Not another parenting blog, although parents SHOULD blog. Not another feministing, although feminists should blog. Something that brings us all together and has a goal of social change specific to Charlottesville and women's health outreach. Obviously it would be as unique as each blogger. It would function as a place to meet community-minded women of all ages and then having those women share what they know about our community.

After the community is formed online, then we could figure out some sort of regular meeting. I would stress that this would not be some sort of political group. This blog would focus on the information we think other women need to know to make informed decisions, not telling other women what is right and what is wrong.

The difference between this and simply streaming every Charlottesville woman's blog into one site is the collaborative spirit in information sharing. Does this make sense? The beauty would be that it is by and for Charlottesville area residents but will also be available to the rest of the world, just like PNOC. It would be a place for experts in women's issues to post the latest research. New women's health care providers could post their arrival to town. It would be a place to share employment opportunities for women who want part-time work. It would be WomensNews or WomenShare or simply CvilleWomen.

Perhaps you have already started this blog. That would be great, let me know!


angela goodson said...

Keep me posted on this Cynthia! I am very interested in seeing something like this.

Christine G. said...

ae your FB post about the Fem 2.0 conference, which I had never heard of before, so I thought, "I'd better get my ass over to C's blog." And then I saw this. And so, recognizing that we've been saying this for months, we really need to pick a date. February is completely booked, but let's put something on March's calendar asap, so at least we have it on there. I'm so excited to talk with you. You're an explosion of ideas, wirting, rabble-rousing of the very best sort, and change! You and Andre Hakes are nudging my butt out of activist hibernation. And I love it! Call me! Phone number's in the book. The old school book. : ) Miss you!